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Diabetes Management

Membership Benefits

  • No Deductibles
  • No Claim Forms
  • Free Diabetic Kit
  • No Co-Insurance
  • No Plan Premiums
  • No Cost for Shipping
  • 24-hour Nurse Hotline
  • No Out of Pocket Costs
  • Care Coordinator Service
  • No Up-Front Cost for Supplies

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Agent Benefits

  • Telemarketing Opportunities
  • Valued Component of our Team

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FREE Diabetic Supplies!
$0.00 - No Cost Premium
Special Needs Diabetic Plan


FREE Pair of Dr. Scholl's Diabetic Socks for Enrolling Now!

We will even send you a NEW
FREE Blood Sugar testing Meter

Membership Benefits

  • No Deductibles - no plan deductibles to meet for our diabetes coverage plan
  • No Claim Forms - no more complicated forms to fill out with our diabetic plan
  • Free Diabetic Kit - free blood glucose testing monitor, strips, lancets/device, solution
  • No Co-Insurance - no plan co-insurances to satisfy with out diabetes plan
  • No Plan Premiums - no premiums, or hidden cost to join or become a member
  • No Cost for Shipping - no cost shipping for our members diabetes supplies
  • 24-hour Nurse Hotline - Immediate, Reliable, Caring source of health information available to our members, to answer non-emergency health related questions or inquiries when primary physician is unavailable or cannot be reached
  • No Out of Pocket Costs - no out of pocket cost for members diabetic services
  • Care Coordinator Service - our care coordinators contact each member to access their current diabetic needs, help you with your diabetic issues, normally an extra cost we believe it should be included at no charge to all our members
  • No Up-Front Cost for Supplies - no up-front cost for diabetic supplies

Enroll At No Cost Now!


Our No Cost Diabetes Coverage Plan is designed for individuals who, by doctors orders, are required to check their blood glucose level. There is no out of pocket cost, no monthly plan premiums, no hidden fees or cost and may even include free diabetic supplies whether you have personal insurance, a Medicare Advantage Plan, or no insurance at all! We are focused on serving the needs of diabetics and non-diabetics through Prevention, Control, and Management.

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It's about your health - It's about you - We Care

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DISCLAIMER: American Diabetes Management is not a Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plan. American Diabetes Management is not contracted or affiliated with The United States Federal Government or The Centers for Medicare Medicaid Services.